Express Pro

Complete turnkey Website Design Service

Express Pro is the ultimate turnkey website solution designed to get your business online with virtually no effort on your part. Your Express Pro package comes with everything you need, website design layouts, custom web logo, and professionally written custom content specifically for your company. We even host and update your website for you every month.

Choose the Option That Suits Your Needs:

  • 3 Web Pages

    $899 setup
  • 5 Web Pages

    $1299 setup
  • 7 Web Pages

    $1599 setup

*Your use of the Design Services is subject to the terms and conditions in the Design Services Policy. You indicate acceptance thereof at the time of sale when payment is made.

*3 Month Minimum. For additional web pages, call our professionals for more information.

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Tools & Services Included:

We'll Build & Maintain Your Web Site
A professional web designer will set up a consultation with you to better understand your business and online goals to ensure your web site is not only impressive but successful.

» Several Designs and Layouts to Choose From
» 2 hours of Maintenance & Updates
» Business Website Hosting - ($19.95/month value)

Marketing & Analysis
Boost traffic to your web site and analyze your customers' browsing patterns! Submit your site to improve its ranking on search engines. Our plans come with great advertising specials!

» Google AdWords - $25 Credit
» Logaholic Web Analytics
» Urchin Web Traffic Stats

Communicate with your customers using online chat and develop email newsletters and promotions

» 50 Business Email Accounts - 1 GB Per Mailbox
» Constant Contact - 60 Day Trial

Our e-mail security and anti-spam systems stop thousands of virus-infected emails daily.

» ClamAV Virus Protection
» MailScanner Spam Filtering
» Advanced Firewall Protection

Toll Free Phone Support
Our support team is employed, trained and managed internally; you're never "outsource."

Item Express Design Custom
Site Revisions Includes one (1) complimentary revision after your beta site is presented. Additional
Forms Includes one form, up to 10 fields.

Duplicate forms on other site pages are free ONLY if all form attributes are exactly the same.

Available in 5-field increments.
Template Color Changes Includes the flexibility to change your selected template color before the design of your site begins. Additional once design phase has begun
Photo Galleries Includes 1 PhotoShop Gallery, consisting of up to 16 images. Additional
Content Images Up to 5 images are allowed in the body of each page. Additional
Template Images Includes the swapping out of as many photos as each template was originally designed with. Additional

Requires custom quote for time.
Words Per Page Includes up to 1,000 words per page.
* Customer must provide word copy
Word counts in excess of 1,000 will require a custom quote.
Image Manipulation We will resize, crop and add drop shadows to images at no additional cost. More intensive PhotoShop image manipulations, such as masks, vignettes and other effects will require a custom quote.
Map, Calendar, Slideshow Scripts Pre-produced/supplied scripts can be added to your site at no additional cost. Creation of custom scripts: Map, Slideshow, Calendar, Reservation, Appointment Scripts, etc. will require a custom quote.
Embedded Media Up to 4 embedded video or audio files are allowed in the body of each page. Additional
PDF Creation Includes the creation of 1 PDF from a "compatible" supplied document file. Additional
Non-Navigational Links Includes the incorporation of up to 10 "non-navigational" links per page. This includes links to items such as: PDFs, MP3s, external sites, etc. Additional

In units of 10 non-navigational links per page
Spelling & Grammar As a courtesy, your Web Designer will put your site's text through one run of MS Word's spelling and grammar check. Changes will be limited to MS Word's recommendations and any "flagged" grammar and spelling occurrences will be left "as is". You may elect to allow one of our professional Copywriters to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes at a service charge of $60 per half hour.
Stock Photography While our Web Designers would be more than happy to pick complimentary stock photography for your site, we encourage you to browse and supply us with your photo preferences. NA
Shopping Cart Categories Categories will only be added to products that were installed during your site creation. Additional categories can be added on a custom quote basis.
Product Attributes
(Size, color, price, etc.)
Includes up to 10 attributes per product. Additional
Shipping Zones Includes set-up of one shipping zone. Our Technical Support Department will gladly guide you through the process of setting up additional shipping zones for your site at no additional cost.
Tax Rates Includes set-up of one tax rate. Our Technical Support Department will gladly guide you through the process of setting up additional shipping zones for your site at no additional cost.
(Details as to the size of box or packaging in which your products will be shipped)
Includes set-up of one container Our Technical Support Department will gladly guide you through the process of setting up additional shipping zones for your site at no additional cost.

Why You Need Web Hosting

If you were to build a house, you'd need property to build it on. A web site is your "home" on the web and it too requires some "place" to exist. A hosting provider offers that place; a virtual space on the World Wide Web where the files that make up your web site are stored. A good hosting provider also offers a myriad of tools and services designed to make getting online a quick, easy experience-that's Look Media's state-of-the-art tools and services as well 24/7 customer support.

Hosting Features

10 GB Disk Space
250 GB Data Transfer
PayPal eCommerce Integrated
FrontPage Extensions
SSL Secure Server
128-bit Encryption
Web-based Account Control Panel
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

E-mail Features

100 E-mail Accounts
POP3 E-mail with SMTP
IMAP Support to Receive your E-mail on your phone
Webmail: Horde, SquirrelMail, RoundCube
"Catch All" E-mail Address
Unlimited Aliases
Unlimited Forwards
Unlimited Autoresponders

Advanced Features

PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Access to Raw Log Files
FTP Account Access
Password Protected Directories
25MB MySQL Database

Hardware & Network

Redundant Tier 1 Backbone
UPS Battery Backup
Diesel Generator Backup
Daily Backup

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